Training and Education

Educational programs for therapists: the core group training
Core group trainings are organized and/or announced by the members of ISTDP international.
It goes without saying that all core group trainings that are organized by our members fulfill the IEDTA criteria and are acknowledged by ISTDP international. Teachers and supervisors all have successfully completed IEDTA requirements to became teacher and/ or supervisor. Sometimes trainers are assisted by colleagues, who are in training to become teacher and/or supervisor.
In an international core group training the program is as follows:
Duration of the core group training : three years. Per year there are 4 blocks of 2 or 3 days (depending on the group size : N = 4 – 12). Mostly these blocks are on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday In-between the supervision blocks the core group participants have the possibility to receive supervision from an assistant.
During the supervision blocks there is discussion of the theory and supervision of the audio-visual recorded therapy sessions the supervisees had with their clients. Participants of the international core group trainings take care that their material is subtitled in English.
Theory that has to be studied:
Mastering Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy : a Roadmap to the Unconscious
Authors Josette ten Haveā€“de Labije and Robert J. Neborsky. Karnac 2012 ISBN -13: 978-1-85575-821-6