Making Acquaintance with ISTDP

If you are a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, mental health care psychologist, marital family therapist, medical doctor, or psychiatrist, working in the mental health care sector and if you want to make acquaintance with ISTDP, you may contact us and apply for an Online Introduction Course in ISTDP. The Frequency is once per month for 3 hours. Topics : Davanloo´s view on the development of psychoneurosis and the attachment bond, the road to the patient´s unconscious and the working alliance, ISTDP techniques, front door and cellar door defenses, neurobiological regulation of emotions and anxiety, assessment of a patient´s ego adaptive capacity, steps on the road to a patient´s unconscious.
One of our (Dutch and/or international ) ISTDP trainers/ teachers supervisors will conduct such a group meeting.

Next to our online introduction course in ISTDP, we organize and/or announce in cooperation with the Netherlands Foundation for ISTDP and with international ISTDP associations (Teachers and supervisors are all IEDTA accredited):

– ISTDP core group training of 3 years duration
– ISTDP intervision groups
– ISTDP advanced core group training
– ISTDP workshops, seminars, masterclasses, conferences


More information

When interested send an e-mail to: