ISTDP Therapists

Qualified therapist


A therapist is qualified as an ISTDP therapist when he

  • has participated and has successfully completed an ISTDP core group training ( in or outside the Netherlands) that is acknowledged by the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP and IEDTA. This qualification gives admittance to our register of ISTDP therapists.
  • works at least 15 hours per week in the mental health care sector
  • after 5 years the qualification and registration as an ISTDP therapist has to be renewed (the re-accreditation form is available on request, write your e-mail to

Each ISTDP therapist is advised to make himself acquainted with the requirements to fulfill in order to continue to be registered as a qualified ISTDP therapist


In order to renew registration (after 5 years) the therapist must meet the following requirements


  1. Working in the mental health care for minimal 15 hrs. per week, during 5 years
  2. Practicing ISTDP therapy minimal 6 hrs. per week, during 5 years
  3. Participation in a Intervision group minimal 5 times per year, 2 hrs each session
  4. Presenting 10 times per year ones own video material of patients

ADDITIONAL, collecting minimal 20 points in 5 years.

  1. Supervision of patients, 1 point for each supervision
  2. Continuous Education on ISTDP (workshop, conference, immersion course, symposia, summer school, masterclasses) 6 points per day
  3. Publication of an article on ISTDP, 10 points
  4. Presentation of a workshop, lecture, educational course on a national or international conferences 5 points per part of a day In order to renew registration one has to pay for the administration cost. (in case of re-accreditation ask the secretary for the re-accreditation form, all criteria must be fulfilled and proven with relevant documentation, for example a logbook of inter-vision sessions)

    Intervision Groups

When there is sufficient interest regional intervision groups could be organized. Please send us an email expressing your interest for such an intervision group and don’t forget to mention your name and address, Colleagues can make acquaintance with each others work, can exchange experiences etc.The aim of these intervision groups is to contribute and enhance the quality of the qualified and registered ISTDP therapists. Participation at peer intervision is also one oft he requirements for re-accreditation Program to become ISTDP teacher, supervisor, trainer

Criteria to become teacher and Supervisor (IEDTA certified)

A Certified Teacher has fulfilled the following criteria.

The colleague:

  • must be a licensed/registered professional, working in the (mental) health sector
  • must have successfully completed an acknowledged an ISTDP core group training (accredited by the IEDTA)
  • must have had audiovisual supervision of at least 9 patients and must have given account to the supervisor(s) of the initial assessment, the treatment plan, goals, therapy process, end results of these 9 patients
  • must have worked minimally 15 hours per week with patient contacts during at least 2 years prior to his request for accreditation
  • have „shadowed“ or participated as assistant of the supervisor in an ISTDP core group training during two years
  • must have written and published an article or must have given an audiovisual presentation at a national or international symposium/workshop/course/conference
  • must have a recommendation of at least one supervisor

A supervisor has fulfilled the following criteria.

The colleague:

  • must fulfill the criteria for accredited (EDT) teacher
  • must have assisted in a core group under guidance of an accredited (EDT) supervisor (duration 3 years)
  • must have given supervision to members of a core group. These supervisions must be audio-visually recorded and must have been supervised by an accredited (EDT) supervisor
  • the assistance and supervision (above) may have taken place in the same period (duration 3 years)