List of ISTDP Therapists


This list will be permanently renewd when colleagues have applied to become a member.


  • Josette ten Have-de Labije, psychologist-psychotherapist Berlin
  • Netherlands/ Belgium
  • Kees (C.L.M.) Cornelissen, sociologist-psychotherapist, Breda/ Antwerp 
  • Netherlands
  • Joy (J.A.) Oonk, psychologist-psychotherapist, Oegstgeest
  • José Verpoort, psychiatrist-psychotherapist, Bergen op Zoom
  • Wijnand van der Vlist, clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, Deventer 


 Claudia Balica, clinical psychologist, Brussels

  • Lebanon/ France
  • Nayla Karamé-Majdalani, clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, Beyrouth / Paris

Great Britain

  • Ross Crowther-Green, MSc
  • Alexandra Fanning
  • Sharon Lewis
  • United States of America
  • Robert J. Neborsky, MD, Del Mar
  • Robin Kay, USA
  • China
  • Mark J. Stein, PhD