ISTDP International: A Platform

Because of the existing variations in which ISTDP is administered in various countries and regions some teachers/supervisors and therapists had the idea to start this website. In cooperation with international ISTDP associations we aim to enhance the quality of ISTDP and of ISTDP therapists. We follow the accreditation rules of the International Experiental Dynamic Therapy Association (the IEDTA). Our members are core group members (colleagues in ISTDP training), qualified ISTDP therapists, ISTDP teachers, ISTDP supervisors. This website provides a meeting place for exchange of information on ISTDP. ISTDP colleagues could exchange their ISTDP therapy ideas, pitfalls, experiences, questions, engage in theoretical discussions, send their referral requests, announce their training opportunities etc. If you are working in the mental health care sector as a psychotherapist, health care psychologist, psychiatrist, marital family therapist and are currently joining a core group or have joined a core group, you can become a member and participant on this platform. All of our members are listed in the therapist directory on this website. Click here to fill in your membership application. For 2023 the Subscription fees are €150,- per year.
Includes; subscription to the Ad Hoc, Registry (the list of accredited psychotherapists), Access to the Forum for members, Access to News and Support (Payed) Consultations, with one free consultation with one of our experts (use of Skype facility) per year.